Relationship Counseling

Relationships can be challenging:

When two people from different upbringings come together to form an alliance, struggles and conflict are bound to occur.

Disagreements are fair game – character assassination is not:

“You’re a horrible liar!” “You don’t care about us!” “You don’t love me anymore!”

Strong statements like these are hard to forgive, impossible to forget – and can easily create irreparable relationship damage.

Relationship crossroads…

Romantic relationships undeniably play a vital role in our overall well-being; it’s pivotal that both partners are emotionally in-sync for healthy nurturing to occur.

Whether you’ve been on either side of infidelity or felt the growing impact of little white lies, breaches of trust create distance and “freeze-out.”

Clarity is our goal: Our compassionate counselors can assist you in re-establishing your emotional connection -or- aid you in saying good-bye with honesty and kindness.

If you’re “In it to win it.”

The Mental Gym is devoted to helping you overcome your challenges and enhance your connection in the following ways:

Improving Communication: Solid relationships require both partners to communicate with honesty and sensitivity. When disagreements arise, forcing your partner to concede his or her meaningful convictions is always ineffective and even damaging.

We’ll help facilitate the atmosphere of cooperation and compromise necessary to strengthen your bond through effective communication.

Creating realistic expectations: Successful communicators focus on “what is” not “what was” or “what might be.” Learning to set down expectations and assumptions of each other only enhance the potential for real relational growth.

Together, we’ll consider each of your strengths and play to them as a means to establish clear expectations.

Building intimacy: Sparks fly when two people first meet; however, long-term commitment takes work! Keeping relationship embers burning involves an active willingness to be vulnerable and transparent.

We provide a safe space for couples to break down their barriers, communicate their fears, and set a strong foundation for a sturdy future.

It’s time to strengthen your relationship muscle!

Building and maintaining relationships is similar to keeping our bodies in top physical shape. Together, we’ll explore exercises to build and maintain an intimacy regimen designed to keep your connection strong for years to come.

The Mental Gym is dedicated to helping our clients thrive in all areas of their lives.

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