Individual Therapy

Life is challenging…

When anxiety takes hold, you can feel as though you’re in the center of a maze with no way out.

The reality is that anxiety is a manifestation of irrational thoughts that can create fearful and self-defeating behaviors.

Thankfully, with guidance and determination, you can retrain your brain and gain control over this detrimental cycle!

We provide a safe space.

Individual counseling offers a confidential environment to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with a professional who will help you explore ways to remedy your concerns.

At The Mental Gym, we have the training to help you fine-tune your life by:

Increasing self-awareness: Do you have trouble reading the room or struggle to understand how your behavior affects others?

Lacking awareness in personal and professional settings can spell disaster. Unintentional, inappropriate behavior can color perceptions and limit opportunities.

Fortunately, with practice, self-awareness can be fine-tuned using an array of techniques designed to increase clarity and insight.

Challenging self-defeating thoughts: “I’m just not good enough,” “I’ll never be happy,” or “People always let me down.” These statements limit our potential by distracting us and keeping us from participating enthusiastically in our personal lives and careers.

Together, we can adjust negative thinking in favor of more positive outlooks.

Relinquishing control: Life can be scary and overwhelming. We often try to control our surroundings in attempts to manage these feelings. However, manipulating life’s events to feel secure is ineffective and downright exhausting!

The truth is, the only thing we can control is our self-perceptions.

Together, we’ll teach you to relax your emotional grip so that you can take a healthier swing at life – curveballs and all.

We specialize in stress and anxiety reduction.

The Mental Gym’s therapists help you release negativity and overcome the grueling symptoms of stress and anxiety. Our goal is to help you learn and use the therapeutic tools necessary for a calmer, more-present existence.

We understand that each individual’s worries may differ, so we’ll customize both our pace and approach to meet your specific needs.

You’ll develop strategies for facing your fears, establishing on-the-spot methods for leaning-into, and effectively-managing stressful situations.

Here’s one example of how we can assist you in tackling your challenges:

  • First, we’ll pinpoint your particular symptoms and the situations that are sparking them.
  • Then, we’ll explore any existing thoughts and habits that are stoking these fears and worries.
  • Next, we’ll brainstorm more realistic and productive views to replace these irrational beliefs.
  • Finally, we’ll develop go-to behaviors that focus on remedies, not the problems.

As you reinforce this structured approach through action, your brain will make the necessary changes to accommodate this healthier mindset.

At all points in this process, we’ll coach you, support you, and empower you.

Whether you’re experiencing:

  • Overwhelming stress
  • Self-doubt
  • Confusion about your place in the world
  • Frustration within your relationships

The caring professionals at The Mental Gym are here to guide you through it!

Let our skilled therapists open your awareness, point you in a healthier direction, and support you in getting there.

It’s time to put an end to the hardship of anxiety in your life. Call now for a free 15-minute phone consultation: (310) 849-9399