Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Mental Gym?

The Mental Gym is founded in the understanding that professional psychological perspectives can help you solve life challenges, increase productivity, regain happiness, and achieve important life goals.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can trigger unhealthy reactions and lead to bad decision-making. Similar to enlisting the help of a personal trainer at a gym to build physical strength, our clients work with skilled clinicians to increase their emotional growth, mental stamina, and sense of well-being.

What is the difference between psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and consulting?

The Mental Gym’s clinicians have completed years of education and training to qualify as board-certified and/or licensed psychotherapists. This experience allows us to “dive deep” into whatever issues or challenges our clients are experiencing. Psychotherapy is the foundation of the umbrella of options that we can offer you. Here are brief descriptions of each modality:

Psychotherapy monitors, modifies, and integrates aspects of one’s psyche to improve mood, behavior, and outlook. During sessions, we provide brain-based interventions, which stimulate neuronal activation and growth (“SNAG”)… paving the way for inner-healing and outer-resilience.

Counseling is an interactive and intuitive process that addresses a client’s view of themselves and others. Many times, a client will present with stress, anxiety, or depression. Our job is to uncover and challenge the perceptions underpinning these emotions for symptom relief… and then provide helpful ways to reframe thinking to achieve long-term mood stabilization.

Coaching is a solution-focused technique used when clients have specific and concrete goals in mind. Whereas Counseling emphasizes finding and sustaining emotional well-being, coaching explores task-oriented approaches and designates action plans for pursuing and attaining particular life goals.

Consulting. Today, businesses succeed or fail through financial standing and cultural relevance. We provide companies, partnerships, and studios an array of psychological services that promote cohesive work environments.

Where's your office? Do you offer Telehealth?

Our office is located on a working movie studio lot in Hollywood:

1041 N. Formosa Avenue
W. Hollywood, CA 90046

You also have the option to participate in sessions online via secure video.


What is required for this process to help me?

We are hired to guide you, but we both must work together to inspire your desired growth.

Your level of motivation is pivotal: imagining a problem-free life, believing in your capacity for change, and committing to the work involved will significantly influence your success in this endeavor.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required is entirely dependent on your mindset and circumstances.

Some clients view counseling as an ongoing resource, utilizing therapy for getting into and then maintaining top emotional shape. Others conclude their sessions after feeling they’ve met their objectives.

There is no “specific way” to go through this process, as it is customized to your needs, desires, and goals.

Do I have to come prepared for my sessions?

Our style can be action-oriented, conversational – or both.

If you have something specific that you would like to discuss or envision between-session “homework” a realistic option, then preparation will be a beneficial part of our process.

However, if you prefer to focus on the in-session interactive experience, then come as you are.

What type of communication style should I expect from the therapist?

Our therapists are professional, approachable, caring, and flexible.

We believe in complete transparency in session: If we are thinking it, then we will find a thoughtful yet impactful way of saying it! We also enjoy laughing and often use humor in our sessions.

This collective communication style is an essential component of any healthy relationship.

How do I reach my therapist?

We believe in “accessibility with boundaries”: You will have direct access to communicate with us between sessions, and we’ll promptly return calls/texts and emails during our business hours.

We only ask that you consider the frequency and duration of this contact to maintain our mutually-respectful working relationship.

Can I bring my partner to one or more of my individual sessions?

Absolutely! We encourage occasional partner visits throughout our time together.

Although not mandatory, we believe that including your partner from time to time not only offers our therapists a better understanding of your world but also encourages healthy communication and connection within your relationship.

When can I bring my dog to session with me?

We are avid animal-lovers who have researched the many clinically-proven benefits of animal-assisted therapy.

We envision pets as “furry life coaches”—sharing our homes as always-on-call reminders to “pay attention” as our lives unfold.

Because of this, your well-trained “best friend” is welcome to accompany you into our sessions once we establish our therapeutic relationship and have the opportunity to assess for safety.