Creative Block & Perfectionism

Staring at a blank page…

For some, there’s nothing scarier than diving into the creative process – especially when your career depends on filling pages, screens, or canvases with fresh, inventive, or heartfelt material.

Completing projects and meeting deadlines is a must for maintaining success in today’s demanding creative atmosphere.

So, whatever your artistic endeavor, waiting for “the muse” to visit just isn’t a viable option.

The path to creative expression is not always clear.

It might seem that imaginative people should naturally be capable of tapping into the emotional sides of their brains to produce a stream of endlessly deliverable product.

But doing so day in and day out can trigger burnout, causing creative paralysis.

Ironically, emotional accessibility often impedes the creative process!

So, why do we become blocked?

The answer is a combination of biology and psychology.

When substantial goals are faced, or hard deadlines loom, it’s easy to personalize our pursuits: The deliverable becomes representative of our self-worth, which then emotionally-charges the circumstance.

As this “make-or-break” mentality takes hold, it stimulates the Amygdala – an ancient part of our brain that’s responsible for keeping us safe. Psychology and biology jumbled and “fight-or-flight” triggered, our overwhelming instinct becomes escaping our current predicament – instead of getting the job done.

Stop the insanity!

The remedy for blocked creativity is to utilize our knowledge of brain science to avoid “Amygdala hijack.”

The Mental Gym’s clinicians will assist you in determining your triggers and how to work around them:

  • We’ll pull out our whiteboards and provide you with brain function explanations of where and why you’re stuck.
  • We’ll then customize ways to optimize your executive functioning, liberating you from the hindering effects of creativity-inhibiting brain chemicals.
  • We’ll address environmental challenges affecting your creative output, and we’ll prescribe a work regimen that cuts a natural path toward your intended goals.

Together, we’ll build and strengthen your skillset to once-and-for-all abolish:

  • Resistance and procrastination
  • Overwhelm, dread, and panic
  • Fear of failure
  • Unproductive competitiveness
  • Over-expectation
  • Audition, Pitch, and Performance Anxiety

…And now a word for Perfectionists.

Did you know that your perfectionism is getting in the way of your overall life satisfaction?

You may believe that your high-expectations are the basis of your success…but perfectionism is actually a defense mechanism aimed at protecting you from your fear of criticism.

Trust issues are usually at the root of this behavior: Perfectionists habitually over-contribute because they don’t believe co-workers will pull their weight. Ironically, this controlling mindset often incentivizes underperformance in others.

Overwhelming stress and inner-frustration are common characteristics of Perfectionism: Many Perfectionists self-judge and self-criticize – and feel as if they’re always failing.

Perfectionism may also indicate an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Creating the room for recovery.

You’re not alone: Perfectionism is a wide-spread symptom of today’s Selfie-driven culture.

We can help you minimize the pull of this controlling and impulsive behavior.

“Being enough” is never determined externally; we determine validity internally.

Together, we can explore your unrealistic expectations and recurring disappointments.

We’ll guide you toward a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

At The Mental Gym, creativity is our calling:

The Mental Gym specializes in helping creative professionals overcome the challenges of working within high-stakes environments.

We team with our clients to optimize both their personal and professional lives.

Within the relaxed and confidential atmosphere of our on-lot facility, we’ve assisted a long roster of writers, actors, composers, producers, show-runners, editors, creative studio executives (and more).

We’ve been helping the creative community for over 20 years, and we look forward to assisting you in fulfilling your artistic potential!

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