You’re already engaging in ways to become healthier and happier.

Finding our website indicates your resourceful approach in solving challenges.

You intuitively understand that emotional well-being creates valuable life experiences.

The step you are now considering not only affects you but also constructively impacts those around you. Therapy is an effective method for connecting with others, learning from this interaction, and fine-tuning your life.

Your reaching out today indicates a desire for change and reflects your commitment to living more powerfully.

We will commit to increasing your mastery of thoughts, feelings, and actions – all vital ingredients for a life of more significant experiences, deeper connections, and more-satisfying contribution.

Whether you are brand new to this process or a seasoned client of therapy, we look forward to joining you on this journey and teaming with you to achieve greater life fulfillment.

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Bill Benson, LMFT, LPCC
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I feel fortunate to have the training and experience necessary to assist you in identifying, understanding, and then eliminating whatever stands in the way of your intended life goals. Together, we’ll find ways to open up your true potential and develop your emotional muscle so that you can flourish and become the person you were truly meant to be.

Sessions are Available Online or at The Mental Gym’s Hollywood Studio Location:

The Mental Gym on The Lot Entertainment Campus

1041 N. Formosa AvenueWest Hollywood, California 90046


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