Career Development

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In childhood, we were asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We answered, detailing fantastical careers (often amusing our parents and teachers) or responding in ways to get adult approval.

We overwhelmingly understand that pursuing careers based on impulsive decisions we made as children is just ludicrous.

Still, people find themselves all-grown-up and feeling stuck in jobs they felt were assigned to them.

We spend a good portion of our adult lives working.

That’s why journeying along personally rewarding career paths is pivotal to maintaining our well-being. So, consciously monitoring and appropriately adjusting our pursuits to preserve a sense of purpose just makes emotional sense.

Career and life imbalance…

Life imbalances develop when we work too much or over-identify with our occupations. Obsessively focusing on your career or labeling yourself by what you do in social situations may be code for “I’ve lost touch with who I am.”

Balancing our work and personal lives are vital for our overall happiness and the welfare of those around us.

Your career is a personal endeavor.

Discovering and plotting a path toward what is meaningful to you is vital.

Studies overwhelmingly indicate that satisfying careers are the result of focusing on what you love, getting good at this skill, and then being recognized and financially rewarded for your contribution.

Opportunity knocks!

The Mental Gym has licensed career counselors on staff to assist you in discovering your passions, developing your skillset, and providing these talents.

Let’s dive deep into what makes you tick and strategize ways to incorporate your uniqueness into an occupation that truly fits you.

If you’re already in a career, we’ll creatively address ways to reinvigorate your purpose, so that you can climb the ladder more effectively and with more impact.

Isn’t it time that you stop worrying about what you’ll be when you grow up and, instead, pursue with purpose the thing you were meant to contribute all along?

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

– Ancient proverb

Human Resources: Helping HR help others

If you’re an employer, we also offer HR assistance.

We’re happy to help resolve disputes between specific co-workers or enhance staff communication dynamics.

Whether it’s conducting on-site productivity training or developing off-site teambuilding encounters, we design and deliver experiences that spark productivity and increase cooperation and teamwork.

We also have the professional scope to aid individuals in career path development and advancement, as well as Executive Coaching.

Give us a call today, so we can explore all the ways we can promote a positive work environment: (310) 849-9399